Utilities are one of the basic necessities in life, but many of us don’t realize just how much money we can save if we take a few simple steps to reduce our bills. This is especially true for those of us living in Greenville, SC where extreme temperatures throughout the year often lead to higher than average utility costs. The good news is that there are tons of mistakes you can avoid to help you save big on your energy costs – here are 5 of the most common ones according to experts at Air Today Heating & Cooling!

1. Wasting energy

Have you ever noticed that some appliances are still running even when they appear to be off? This could be due to standby mode, an issue where the appliance continues using electricity even when it’s not being used – unplugging items or using power strips can help you stay on top of this kind of waste and save you a significant amount over time! Additionally, always remember to turn off lights or other electronics when leaving a room as this can add up quickly.

2. Poor insulation

Another big mistake people make when it comes to utilities is failing to properly insulate their homes – this could mean anything from having gaps in wall insulation or missing attic insulation all the way up to improper window sealing which tends to be a major source of loss in many households. Fortunately, these areas are relatively easy (and affordable) to address compared with larger projects like replacing HVAC systems so make sure your home is properly sealed and insulated before winter sets in!

3. Ignoring leaks

Leaky faucets and pipes may seem like small annoyances, but ignoring these issues can cost you serious money in wasted water and additional pressure on your plumbing system – have a technician check out any potential problems regularly so you don’t get stuck with unexpected bills down the line.

4. Failing to maintain HVAC systems

Last but not least, regular Greenville, SC HVAC maintenance and servicing for your HVAC system should never be overlooked – according to recent statistics from the U.S Energy Information Administration (EIA), heating and cooling accounts for around 43 percent of total energy consumption in American homes – proper care and inspection by professionals like those at Air Today Heating & Cooling can help keep your bills under control while improving overall performance levels as well!

5. Overusing air conditioners

We all know how hot Greenville summers can get, but relying on air conditioners too heavily (especially during peak times) will quickly cause an increase in energy costs compared with more efficient options – try utilizing fans instead when possible or installing smart thermostats that track usage patterns so you only cool (or heat) rooms when necessary rather than cranking these systems up round-the-clock! 

At Air Today Heating & Cooling we understand that current market trends often put pressure on utility bills – let us help keep yours under control this season without having to sacrifice comfort and safety! Give us a call today for more info about our Greenville, SC HVAC services and specialized solutions.

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