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No one wants to have a broken heater, especially in the middle of winter. New furnaces are increasingly efficient and reliable, but even the best heaters can break down. When in need of same-day boiler or furnace repair in Greenville and the Upstate, rely on us.

Expert Heating Repair

Physical comfort is a requirement in order to manage our work and personal responsibilities throughout the day. Air Today Heating & Cooling has a mobile team of trained HVAC technicians on staff to respond to repair emergencies across Greenville, SC, and the Upstate. Call us now to get back to your busy schedule with fast, responsive assistance from our team.

Qualified HVAC Contractors For Any Heating System Or Size

At Air Today Heating & Cooling, we can repair and maintain any residential heating system on the market. Whether you have a 20 year old furnace or a brand new one, our experienced HVAC technicians are able to help!

Even if you don’t experience a dramatic malfunction, you may notice that your energy bill is slowly increasing for no obvious reason, or you hear strange noises coming from the furnace or you just don’t feel consistently warm throughout your home. If that describes your property, there may be a good reason for a repair to improve efficiency and safety before the furnace gives out unexpectedly.

How much does it cost on average to replace a central board in a furnace?

It costs around $200-$600 to replace a central board in a furnace. However, the price can fluctuate depending on: The age of your furnace The price of the new central board The contractor’s hourly fee It will generally be cheaper to replace a central board in a single-stage furnace rather than a high-efficiency furnace. To learn more about getting the central board in your furnace replaced, give us a call today.

What should a furnace replacement cost?

A furnace replacement should cost around $3,000-$7,000. Although, the cost can vary due to: The type of furnace you get installed The size of your house The price to remove the old furnace and install the new furnace Having a new furnace installed is a great investment since it can help you save money on repairs and energy each year. Additionally, a newer furnace will be able to heat your home more effectively. To get your furnace replaced, contact us today.

Should I repair, or replace my furnace?

A few reasons you may want to repair your furnace rather than replace it are: Your furnace is fairly new Your furnace effectively heats your home Your furnace has not required many repairs If your furnace still runs well and it has been properly maintained, then you should be able to have your furnace repaired. However, if your furnace is old and breaks down frequently, it may be more cost-effective to have it replaced. To get your furnace repaired or replaced, call us today.

Stay Ahead Of Expensive & Dangerous Furnace Failures

Proper heating installation and regular maintenance is the best way to avoid emergency repairs for your heating system in the first place. It’s much cheaper and more convenient to schedule an annual maintenance tune-up than to call for repairs at the last minute.

However, if repair issues do arise, we’re the experienced team that you need to work on your furnace. At Air Today Heating & Cooling, our years of experience combined with a quick response time ensure that your heating system is up functioning properly as soon as possible — usually within the same day you call our team!