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What to Do When Your AC Unit Freezes Up

Greenville, SC residents are all too familiar with the problem of their HVAC system freezing up. If you find yourself having to deal with this issue, the best place to start is having an AC repair professional take a look. Often, it can be something as simple as a clogged line or filter that needs to be changed out. However, if the source of your frozen system lies deeper than that, an AC repair may be in order. Freezing up is usually a sign that your Greenville, SC HVAC system needs to be repaired or replaced. If your AC unit is having trouble regulating temperature, then it could be clogged air filters, issues with the ducts, . It’s important to call a qualified AC repair professional for assistance so that further damage isn’t caused by attempting to fix the issue yourself. A qualified technician can advise you on whether it’s more cost-effective to repair or replace the system and can provide reputable AC installation services if necessary, ensuring your home stays comfortable all summer long. No matter what your HVAC situation is, you can always rely on Greenville’s dependable AC professionals to provide quality work and get your home heating and cooling system up and running again. A frozen AC unit is avoidable through annual preventative maintenance. If you have any further questions, you can always contact the pros at Air Today Heating & Cooling!

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