Understanding How Heating & Cooling Systems Work in Greenville, SC

Managing the temperature in your home is essential for a comfortable environment. At Air Today Heating & Cooling, we know how important it is to find the right HVAC system that meets all of your needs – one that is reliable, efficient and cost-effective. To help our customers better understand how heating and cooling systems work, we put together this guide detailing the basics of these systems. 

Heating and cooling systems work by circulating heated (or cooled) air throughout your home with a series of ducts or vents depending on what type of system you have. The two most common types are central air systems and split-systems. 

Central air systems use an indoor evaporator coil connected to an outside unit via refrigerant lines that transport heat into or out of your house depending on whether you’re heating or cooling. When cooling, the indoor evaporator coil absorbs heat from inside your home and transports it outdoors where it cools down again before being pumped back inside. This process is reversed when heating up your home as the outdoor unit collects warm air and transports it indoors for release as hot air through ducts or vents. 

Split-systems are different from central air systems in that they don’t require any ductwork as they consist only of both an indoor and an outdoor component which communicate using special wiring to transfer energy between them. Split-systems are ideal for those who want zone control as multiple units can be installed throughout the house to heat or cool individual rooms separately from one another – allowing different temperatures in different areas at the same time! 

These types of HVAC systems can range in size, efficiency ratings, power output etc., making selecting one for your particular needs a daunting task. That’s why at Air Today Heating & Cooling we strive to provide our customers with detailed assessments and consultations so that together we can make an informed decision on selecting an efficient unit that meets all expectations from comfort requirements through cost effectiveness analysis . We also specialize in helping our customers find exactly what they need when it comes time to purchase a new system – which is why we stand behind each of our products with our 100% satisfaction guarantee! Let us show you just how easy choosing the right HVAC System can be with our team today!

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