Top 5 Holiday Energy Saving Tips for Greenville, SC

The holidays are a time of celebration and joy, but they also can be an expensive time of year – especially when it comes to energy costs. Thankfully, with a few smart tips and tricks you can save big on your utility bills this season while still enjoying the festivities! Here are Air Today Heating & Cooling’s top 5 energy saving tips for Greenville, SC homeowners this holiday season:

1. Upgrade your lights: Swap out traditional bulbs with LED or other energy efficient models which use up to 80% less energy compared to standard incandescent varieties – LED light strands are often more affordable than you might think as well!

2. Cut down on cooling/heating: Use fans in common areas when possible instead of turning down the air conditioner during hot summer days (around 73°F is recommended) or adjusting thermostats lower than usual during cold winter months (around 68°F should do the job just fine!).

3. Unplug electronics: Cable boxes, laptops and game consoles left in standby mode can still pull power from the grid – try unplugging them completely when not in use to save money over the long haul.

4. Check insulation and seals: With colder temperatures often come higher bills due to lost heat through inefficient insulation or windows– make sure you check these areas regularly so you don’t get stuck with non-negotiable energy costs over the holidays!

5. Maintain HVAC systems: Last but not least, don’t forget about regular maintenance and servicing for your HVAC system – according to recent statistics from the U.S Energy Information Administration (EIA), heating and cooling accounts for around 43 percent of total energy consumption in American homes so any issues here can lead to major expenses if not addressed right away! 

At Air Today Heating & Cooling we understand how important it is to keep costs manageable during such an expensive time of year – let us help make sure that your utility bills stay as low as possible without having to sacrifice comfort or safety this holiday season! Contact us today for more info about our services and specialized solutions designed specifically for Greenville homeowners.

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