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Residents of Greenville, South Carolina who are considering replacing their existing R-22 outdoor unit with a more efficient and eco-friendly option should consider Air Today Heating & Cooling for the job. By making this switch, homeowners in the area can enjoy many benefits that are not only good for their wallets but also great for the environment.

The primary reason to make the switch from an R-22 Outdoor Unit to an R-410A is improved efficiency. The newer refrigerant has been designed to operate at higher efficiency levels, meaning it will use less energy and money to keep your home cool. This improved efficiency directly translates into lower energy bills each month and greater savings over time. Additionally, since R410A is an ozone-friendly refrigerant, it helps protect our environment from further damage due to ozone depletion.

At Air Today Heating & Cooling, they know how important maintaining a healthy environmental balance is while also providing excellent services. That’s why they offer high quality installation services specifically aimed towards those looking to switch from an R-22 Outdoor Unit to an R-410A system that meets all requirements both local and federal regulations alike. From helping you find the best system for your needs and budget all the way through fully installing it within your home, Air Today Heating & Cooling provides all-inclusive service that ensures every customer’s satisfaction.

Replacing your old R-22 outdoor unit with an up-to-date model using the newer R-410A refrigerant may seem like a difficult decision at first, but when you look at all the long term financial and environmental benefits associated with making this upgrade, it’s clear that choosing Air Today Heating & Cooling here in Greenville makes perfect sense!

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