Want to make sure that your Greenville, SC, HVAC system runs efficiently throughout the summer? Following our professionals’ advice, you can make sure your system runs smoothly while keeping bills low. Our technicians at Air Today Heating and Cooling have discussed some of the benefits of changing your HVAC system’s air filters, as well as why, and how frequently it needs to be done.

  1. Increases the Air Quality in Your Home: The quality of air in your home depends heavily on your air filters. They trap substances such as pet dander, dirt, pollen, bacteria, and spores. It is important to change the air filters every 30 to 90 days. Examine them every month and determine whether it’s time to change them or not depending on how dirty they are. To provide a healthy living environment, keep these filters clean so they can trap as much dust and debris as possible.
  2. Enhances Energy Efficiency: Your Greenville HVAC system struggles to pump air through the ductwork when the air filters are clogged. When your system has to work extra hard to cool the house, it is more likely to malfunction and cause damage to your system. You can tell your HVAC system is working properly and at its maximum efficiency if your power bills are low.
  3. Ensures Longer HVAC System Life: You may extend the life of your HVAC system by simply having an HVAC expert replace the air filters on a regular basis. Failure to do this, the entire system will work harder and last less time if your air filters are clogged because they’ll enable more dirt and debris to get trapped inside. An overworked AC unit will malfunction more quickly.
  4. Spend less on repairs: The air filters in your system should be changed to avoid unnecessary damage. Air filters that are worn out are the direct cause of worn-out components like bad compressors or blower motors. Maintaining your AC unit requires more than just changing the air filters if you want them to last longer. Your system should be serviced at least once per year by a HVAC professional.

Please get in touch with an expert at Air Today Heating and Cooling. We’ll schedule your upcoming HVAC system maintenance appointment to ensure your home stays cool throughout the summer.

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