How to Choose a New HVAC System in Greenville, SC

Choosing the right HVAC system for your home can be a daunting task. It’s important to find one that meets your needs, budget, and is energy efficient. At Air Today Heating & Cooling, we understand that the process of selecting an HVAC system can be overwhelming. That’s why we have put together this guide on how to choose the right HVAC system for your home. 

When researching HVAC systems, it is important to consider several factors including size, efficiency ratings, installation costs, maintenance requirements, and warranty coverage. In addition to these considerations, you should also evaluate your home’s current condition and assess potential environmental factors that could affect the output of your system such as noise level or air quality in the area. 

The first step in selecting an HVAC system is determining what type of system best fits your specific needs. Do you need a split-unit or ductless system? How about a two-stage or variable speed model? Understanding which features are necessary for optimal performance and comfort will help narrow down your options when it comes time to purchase. 

Once you have decided on what type of system works best with your lifestyle and budget, you can research which models offer top-of-the-line energy efficiency ratings by consulting EnergyStar’s labeling program. Also keep in mind additional factors such as size (whether you need a large capacity unit or just enough to maintain comfortable temperatures), installation costs (including any permit requirements) and any future maintenance needs that are specific to the model you are considering. 

At Air Today Heating & Cooling our team of experienced professionals understands all these aspects when it comes to helping customers select an energy efficient consumer friendly HVAC system for their home or business. Our technicians can perform detailed assessments of each residence and provide sound advice on selecting a unit that meets all expectations from comfort requirements through cost effectiveness analysis . 

We hope this guide has helped educate you on the different aspects involved with choosing an HVAC System so that you make the most informed decision possible when it comes time to purchase something as important as a new heating & cooling system!

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