How to Find the Right HVAC System for Your Home Addition

Home Addition

Adding a home addition is an exciting project – but what should you do about heating and cooling for the new space? At Air Today Heating & Cooling, we understand that every home is different, so when it comes to selecting the best HVAC system for your home addition, this can be a tricky decision. Here’s our advice on making sure your new space is comfortable year-round with the right heating and cooling system.

1. Assess the size of the space: The size of your new room or area will determine what kind of HVAC system will work best in that space. Generally speaking, a smaller area such as a bedroom may require its own dedicated HVAC unit while larger areas such as an entire second level may require multiple units or even a whole-home central air solution depending on your budget and needs.

2. Check local laws & regulations: Make sure to check local building codes before purchasing any equipment – some locales have special requirements regarding noise levels, exhaust systems, etc., so be sure to consult professionals who are knowledgeable in these areas in order to make the best decisions.

3. Consider efficient options: It’s important to consider efficient options when selecting an HVAC system for home additions – energy-efficient units are typically more expensive initially but can result in significant savings over time thanks to lower energy bills and fewer repairs/maintenance required down the line! According to research conducted by EnergyStar, homeowners can save up to 10% on their monthly utility bill by investing in energy-saving solutions like more efficient furnaces and air conditioners within their homes.

4. Get professional help: Making educated decisions on heating and cooling systems for home additions can be tricky – at Air Today Heating & Cooling, we know how overwhelming this process can be! Have one of our experienced technicians come out and take a look at your project so you can get the best advice possible about what kind of HVAC system will work best for you. 

Don’t let chilly days or sweltering nights ruin your plans – follow these tips from Air Today Heating & Cooling to make sure you have the perfect heating and cooling solution for your home addition!

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