Have you noticed that your air conditioner isn’t cooling as efficiently as it used to? If so, then the chances are that you need to get your coils cleaned! This is a commonly overlooked part of routine HVAC maintenance in Greenville, SC – and yet it can play a crucial role in the overall performance of your system. Here Air Today Heating & Cooling explain exactly why coil cleaning is necessary and why this service should be included on your regular maintenance checklist:

1. Improve air flow: A buildup of dirt or debris on the coils reduce air flow, meaning that rooms won’t cool down as quickly – this can also mean higher energy bills as the compressor is forced to work harder to maintain optimal temperatures throughout!

2. Prevent odors: Dirty coils can create unpleasant smells which can quickly become unbearable if left unattended – a thorough cleaning from HVAC professionals like those at Air Today Heating & Cooling will ensure that nasty odors don’t take over your home in Greenville SC!

3. Increase efficiency: Cleaner coils help improve efficiency and extend the life of your equipment – ensuring that you won’t have to worry about expensive repairs or replacements in the near future!

4. Reduce allergens: Allergens like pet dander, pollen, dust mites and mold may cling onto dirty coils – by getting them professionally cleaned these contaminants are removed before they cause any health issues for you or members of your family!

5. Prevent costly repairs: Most importantly, regularly scheduled AC coil cleaning prevents more serious problems from occurring down the line – allowing you to enjoy improved performance without having to spend large sums on repairs or replacements in future years. 

At Air Today Heating & Cooling we understand how important regular HVAC maintenance is for keeping everything running smoothly – let us help you find the best solution for preserving optimal efficiency all year round with our specialized services tailored specifically for Greenville, SC and the surrounding area homeowners! Contact us today for more info about our services and specialized solutions for your home.

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