Is there a lot of noise coming from your air conditioner? Unwanted HVAC noise in Greenville, SC can be a nuisance if left unattended – luckily, reducing these loud sounds can be pretty simple with just a few easy steps. Here are Air Today Heating & Cooling’s top 5 ways to reduce HVAC noise and keep your home peaceful this summer:

1. Replace worn fan blades: Fan blades that have become bent or otherwise damaged over time can cause rattling and other irritating noises – replacing them with new ones (or having a professional do so) should do the trick.

2. Check for loose parts: Vibrations can easily occur when pieces of your HVAC system aren’t close enough together – look for bolts that may need tightening around the compressor, condenser coils and other areas in order to get rid of any excess sound waves!

3. Inspect ductwork: Ducts often become misaligned as they move through walls and ceilings – make sure everything is properly connected as gaps between connections will lead to loud whistles during operation.

4. Upgrade insulation: If you notice more frequent than usual loud noises emanating from your HVAC unit, then it might be time to upgrade existing insulation material – old fiberglass insulation tends to absorb moisture over time which makes it less effective at dampening sound waves – consider replacing with higher-quality foam or cellulose insulation materials instead!

5. Install soundproofing panels: These panels work well at blocking out unwelcome noises caused by machinery like motor fans, compressors and other components- simply attach them around the affected area and enjoy direct peace of mind from reduced sound levels!

At Air Today Heating & Cooling we understand how hard it can be to put up with noisy HVAC systems – let us help you find the best solutions for creating a comfortable and quiet living environment without sacrificing performance or efficiency this summer! Contact us today for more info about our services and specialized solutions designed specifically for Greenville homeowners.

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