When your HVAC system is working normally, Greenville homeowners may pass up maintenance, deeming it unnecessary. A well-functioning, energy-efficient heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system requires regular maintenance, though. An annual tune-up performed twice a year, once for heating and once for cooling, can improve your indoor comfort all year.

There are a few signs you can look out for that suggest it’s time to arrange for maintenance on your HVAC system, especially if it’s been a while or you haven’t had one before. Understanding these warning signs will enable you to take the proper precautions to guarantee that your heating and cooling systems continue to operate as effectively as possible during the summer, winter, and other times when you most need them.

1. Inexplicable Rise In Your Power Bill

It’s usual for your monthly power bill to increase when you use your heater or air conditioner fairly frequently. However, it’s possible that your system isn’t operating as efficiently as it should if your power bill is exceptionally high. The cost of maintaining your home’s comfort shouldn’t be prohibitive, and a well-functioning HVAC system usually won’t result in unexpected price hikes. It’s usually time to schedule a tune-up if your monthly energy expenditures fluctuate.

2. The Air Conditioner Is Blowing Warm Air

The purpose of an air conditioner is to keep your family at a comfortable temperature throughout the sweltering summer months in Greenville, SC. You require an air conditioner in order for your home to be comfortable during the hottest times of the year. If, however, it blows out heated air rather than the intended cool air, contact our Air Today Heating and Cooling Greenville, SC HVAC specialist for assistance.

3. Little Air Flow

It’s time to schedule a tune-up if, when you attempt to switch on your air conditioner, you discover that there is little to no air flowing out of it. The best course of action is to have a qualified technician inspect the system and make an accurate diagnosis because poor airflow could be a sign of a variety of AC problems. You’ll need dependable repairs to get your AC up and running, whether the filter is blocked or the fan isn’t functioning.

4. Your Heater Or Air Conditioner Is Making Loud, Strange Noises

Don’t dismiss the odd hammering sound your air conditioner is making or the odd hissing sound your furnace is making. To avoid significant breakdowns and big, expensive AC repairs, it is advisable to address these and other loud, inexplicable noises as soon as possible. Even though they may appear insignificant, strange noises originating from your HVAC system are nearly always a sign that there is a problem with the system. Make a tune-up appointment as soon as you can.

5. HVAC Efficiency Drops

Reduced energy efficiency is one of the most typical indications that you could need HVAC maintenance. Longer running times and more frequent cycling are two common symptoms of an HVAC that is not operating efficiently. Does it feel like your air conditioner now needs to run continuously to offer the same degree of comfort that it formerly offered after just a few hours of use? This can be a sign of decreased HVAC effectiveness. Also, you can have an efficiency issue if you observe differences in the temperature displayed on the thermostat and how warm or cool your home feels.

Schedule HVAC maintenance in Greenville, SC, and the nearby areas to stay comfortable! Contact us right away to make an appointment.

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